Asset Tag

Foison metal have used a variety of techniques to produce the serial Numbers of products, including emboss and laser engraving. The digitized serial Numbers include QR codes or barcodes which can also be manufactured. Company logos and names can also be printed or engraved on Asset tags.
We provide a variety of customized options, using our years of experience to help improve and enhance the design, while perfectly restore the design.


Application of Asset Tag:

Inventory management, fixed asset management, Theft protection, data identification.


It can be used in aviation, navigation, acid environment, dry, wet and so on.

  • Quality Assurance: Return the payment if not satisfy with quality.
  • Design Service: Create a new design or adjust current design to make sure could be produce.
  • Mold : Produce print,stamp,cast mold.
  • Customized Solution: Provide suitable solution for save cost and improve quality.
  • World express: Delivery our products to your hand worldwide.

  • Product Detail

    Production Process


    Materials    &   Processes    &    Fabrication
    Materials    ◆ Aluminum Alloy
       ◆ Anodized Aluminum
       ◆ Stainless Steel
       ◆ Plastic
    Sizes Thickness: 0.1-10mm 
    Printing Text & Logo    ◆ Silk Screen Printing
       ◆ UV Printing
       ◆ Laser Engraved
       ◆ Etching
    Pattern    ◆ Laser Engraved
       ◆ CNC
       ◆ Embossed
       ◆ Etching
    Attachment & Holes Strong adhesive and cut holes at any location in a variety of sizes and patterns.
    Corners Squared, Round.
    Serial Numbering    ◆ Barcode Number
       ◆ QR Code Number
       ◆ Serial Number
    Material Finish    ◆  Glossy
       ◆  Matte
       ◆  Mill Finish
       ◆  Bright
       ◆  Sandblasting
       ◆  Anodized
    Different material use different finish.
    Choose Foison Metal As your Supplier
    1.  Fast respond,within 12 hours could provide and accurate quotation.
    2.  Save the cost of the mold,fast samples and bulk order preparation.
    3.  Excellent quality,if not satisfied quality,100% refund.
    4.  Alibaba credit transaction insurance.
    5.  6X12 online service.

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