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Company Profile

Wonderful Metal, Wonderful Life! Welcome to foison metal.com – offering you only the highest quality metal cards and custom metal products around. In Shenzhen, there are abundant human and technical resources, a variety of new technologies and processing and manufacturing processes, our company fully absorb and develop new technologies and processes, improve the competitiveness of customers' products and added value.

We have an independent design team with years of design experience and can design metal labels, metal logos, nameplates, panels, metal cards and so on that fit our customers' products according to their needs. Including product printing equipment, including silkscreen printing, UV printing, laser equipment, including laser cutting machine and laser marking machines. Stamping equipment. Etching equipment, adhesive equipment and so on. It is one of the most advance tech and complete equipment manufacturers in China's sign industry.

We believe that our metal products can make a huge impact on your business and personal life. Discover why thousands trust Foismet for their branding and metal needs, You would hope to have it many years ago.

Core Personnel

Mr. Sun (Product Engineer)

 Mr.Sun has 26 years of experience in the field of metal signage. Responsible for product process design management, QA and QC.

Dawnic (Design Director)

Mr. Dawnic has 8 years of design experience. Responsible for the original design of products and the design before e manufacturing.

Sara (Logistics Manager)

Ms. Sara has 7 years of Logistics experience. Responsible for goods Shipment Tracking and after-sales service.

Derek (Marketing Supervisor)

Mr. Derek has 6 years of Marketing experience. Responsible for customer management and company platform operation.



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