Blank Metal Card

Metal Card Blanks Anodized


These are made from high-quality aluminum designed for engraving and will have a finish that uniform, smooth, and blemish-free. Business card template with a blank metal design. Text can be added to this card to personalize it to your company.


Anodized colored aluminum is ideal for multi-use applications and very durable resisting elements with coating on both sides for protection.These solid aluminum plates are versatile, laser engravers, etching machines, and silk printer making business cards in unique ways.


THICKNESS   0.8 mm

SIZE   85*54 mm

METAL TYPE    Aluminum with Anodized Black


LASER ENGRAVE   Laser Engrave 

VARIABLE DATA    Laser Engrave: 1 line

Product Detail

Production Process

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Blank metal cards details
Various Color 


colorful metal cards Paint aluminum cards
Anodized color Paint Color
Surface treatment black brush metal card  Black metal card
Brushed finish Sandblast finish
 Edge Polished  V-edge metal cards  V-edge metal cards
I-edge V-edge
 Material  Anodized aluminum 2  Stainless steel
Anodized Aluminum Stainless steel
Size and shape customized  Ciecle metal cards Square metal cards
Circle Square
  Package  Metal cards package  metal card box
  Process Metal-Cards-Laser-Cutting Metal-Cards-Laser-Engraving
 Laser Cutting  Laser Engraving
Metal-Cards-Stamping Metal-label-CNC
Stamping CNC
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