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More than half of our orders come from OEM & ODM. We welcome inquiries from foreign counterparts. We hope to establish long-term cooperative relations with common interests.

Our labor and manufacturing costs are very low, and it can accept long-term stable orders from peers at very low prices. For us, it is very simple and convenient for us to extract only samples or original samples.

The manufacturing process of metal business cards is complex and complicated. In the past ten years, we have been working hard to complete this process. The process of making metal business cards is very different from paper, plastic, or wood business cards.

Please take a look at the product production process, which will make you make the metal business card more clear.


Foison metal is designed according to your requirements. You only need to confirm that the drawing is correct. 


It is interesting to start with artwork!

We have a talented and knowledgeable internal graphic design team that can help you with your design at any time.

Once the type and number of metal business cards are selected, we will provide two artwork options.

  • Option 1. Purchase our art service or include packaging for art service. Following this route, customers will upload the logo or any other files they want (ie drawings, logos, etc.), including the design of their custom cards.
  • Option 2: Bypassing our illustration service by providing vector illustrations with all outlined fonts. The complete work layout must be provided in vector format.

Acceptable file types are .ai, .eps, .cdr, .pdf, .dxf and .dwg.

Before placing an order, you can advise any design ideas or comments to your sales.  In just a few hours, we will email a digital certificate produced by one of our professional designers.

We work with our customers again and again to prove it. When they are fully satisfied and confirm the artwork, the order will be sent to our most advanced factory.

We like to discuss new projects!


Brushing and sandblasting are the 2 main surface treatments of metal crafts before anodizing.

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After sending the artwork file to production, the metal plate is placed in the anodized equipment, where a special solution is sprayed on the surface of the metal plate in a precise and controlled manner, thereby generating an anodized layer of different colors.

The anodized layer can not only protect the surface of the metal card but also obtain a more textured appearance.

Precision and efficiency are essential to provide the highest quality metal cards in the world. This is why we use aluminum to produce most orders.


For protects the surface and more convenient for production, we put a protective film on metal and then cut it.

Covering and Cutting


The card is shaped into any shapes required with a technical knife head. The edges are clean and smooth. Its ultra-high precision can even punch holes, dig grooves, and make any pic on the metal surface.


The laser is another method we use to anodized metal business cards. Specifically, we perform laser etching on ferrous metal business cards. During this process, the lower wattage laser will hit the surface of the metal card, which will etch light silver on the surface but will not produce depth.

The laser basically burns away the surface oxide layer to expose the underlying passive aluminum. Our fast metal card is a good example!

Any variable data (that is, a different name or serial number on each card) is also laser etched. This can be quickly and effectively personalized settings-very suitable for membership cards or product labels. Lasers are also used to cut cards with a thickness of more than 1mm.


 Foison Metal adheres to first-class quality management, and all products are 100% qualified.



Let's work together

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