Safety sign

Safety& warning labels often seen them everywhere in daily life, For example: NO smoking, High Voltage, NO firework, Caution falling and so on, it can attract high attention and maximum limit reduce risks.


Application of Safety & Warning Labels:

Safety & Warning Labels widely used in the field of many industries: 

Electrical equipment,Transportation hubs,Signal control,Construction sites,Factories,Warehouses,Hotel,School    


According to the different industries and fields ,Foison metal can provide the best design to you, any size, color and shape can be customized. according to the working conditions, Foison metal can recommend the best material for your reference.

  • Quality Assurance: Return the payment if not satisfy with quality.
  • Design Service: Create a new design or adjust current design to make sure could be produce.
  • Mold : Produce print,stamp,cast mold.
  • Customized Solution: Provide suitable solution for save cost and improve quality.
  • World express: Delivery our products to your hand worldwide.

  • Product Detail

    Production Process


    Material    &   Processes    &    Fabrication
    Material      ◆ Aluminum
       ◆ Stainless Steel
       ◆ Iron
       ◆ Copper
       ◆ Brass
       ◆ Plastic
    Aluminum is the most common metal used, but we will customize your labels and stickers to fit whichever material you prefer or require. Through our process, all of your metal labels and stickers will withstand multiple environment conditions, so you can use them inside or outside as needed.
    Sizes Thickness: 0.1-10mm 
    Printing Text & Logo    ◆ Silk Screen Printing
       ◆ UV Printing
       ◆ Digitally Printing or Thermal Transfer
    Pattern    ◆ Laser Cutting
       ◆ Stamping
       ◆ E-cutting 
    And other processes can be used to treat the appearance of products to ensure that the maximum tolerance of the products is no more than 0.5mm, and the limit can be controlled within the tolerance range of 0.01mm,installiation simple, all patterns  available.
    Adhesive Strong adhesive. (3M adhesive, standard adhesive)
    Paint High-grade environmental protect paint, In outdoor or salt spray environment, we use PVDF or oxidation technology to treat the metal surface, which can guarantee very long service life, especially we have the process of treating Marine grade paint, which can guarantee more than 10 years of service in extreme environment.
    Material Finish    ◆  Glossy
       ◆  Matte
       ◆  Mill Finish
       ◆  Bright    
       ◆  Sandblasting
       ◆  Anodized  
    Different material use different finish.
    Choose Foison Metal As your Supplier
    1.  Fast respond,within 12 hours could provide and accurate quotation.
    2.  Save the cost of the mold,fast samples and bulk order preparation.
    3.  Excellent quality,if not satisfied quality,100% refund.
    4.  Alibaba credit transaction insurance.
    5.  6X12 online service.

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